Performed by Bianca Manuel, internet users, audience       participators.

     Presented on To the Awe #2 at Truck Galery and curated by Pam Tzeng & Elaine Weryshko.


      How can social media affect our construction of self, memories, and notion of space? Based in Calgary, originally from Curitiba, Brasil. What is intimate to you?

What's the difference between physical and virtual intimacy?


Virtual Score:

Collect data from Instagram

Inquire what is the difference between virtual and physical intimacy?

Create situations from this data

Engage in intimate virtual conversations

Document it


Physical score:

Give two envelops  written physical or virtual

Divide the audience that is willing to participate with people they do not know

Propose exploration of intimacy

Divided the audience into groups of two

Task them to choose one of the envelopes 

If someone does not want to complete the task, needs to find someone that is not participating to replace you.

Remaining audience tasked to document moments of intimacy, logging in the Instagram account @beecherovka


The content of the envelops:


1. Swap phones (unlocked, no password). Find something on each other's phone something they would not want you to find. 

2. Show who was the last person you researched on any social media. 

3. Video-call someone you almost know or don't know too well from any of your social media. If no one answers, keep trying until someone does. When someone answers the call, engage in an intimate conversation. 

4. Find the person you lost your virginity in any social media.  Stalk them together. 

5. Invent an intimate story and post it on any social. Act as if it was true from now on. 



1. Share the same toothbrush

2. Tell the story of how you lost your virginity

3. Brush each other's hair

4. Swap clothes

5. Hug each other for 10 minutes.