On this process, I was invited by the group Café Preto, Curitiba BR, to work as a  Costume Designer and to collaborate in the creation of the Set Design. 

The research of this group is the performance generation through a creation of a space with the focus on memory, how to make the audience immersed in a space using principles of installation art. How can the exploration of the materials affect the dramaturgy, which proposals they make? How the performers and the audience members inhabit this space and what can they create together?

Dramaturgy - Andressa Santos, Bianca Manuel and Elisa Ribeiro


Costumes- Bianca Manuel


Set and props - Andressa Santos, Bianca Manuel and Elisa Ribeiro


Lights - Elisa Ribeiro and Marcela Mancino 


This project was a part of DRAMA_1 an Independent Theatre Festival produced and curated by the Bife_Seco theater Company, presented in December 2015.