This play was created by procedures followed when both Monczak and I proposed to watch the mainstream TV news during a week. Taking notes of what was getting our attention the most and bringing it to the rehearsal room. At the time in Brazil, there was a serial killer of women's in Goias State, Tiago killed more than 30 women in 1 year. It was the news that got our attention the most, besides this, there were so many other cases of violence against women. Extreme cases as this one were only exposing an unequal patriarchal culture. We wanted to explore this in our script, elements of design and staging. 

Performers: Bianca Manuel and Caio Monczak


Dramaturgy: Caio Monczak

Costumes: Bianca Manuel

Lights: Elisa Ribeiro

Sounds and Set: Bianca Manuel and Caio Monczak


Presented in November 2014 in the Teatro Laboratório da FAP, Curitiba BR.

The costume design was elaborated trough explorations with mock costumes, there was a desire to have the design of the costumes in the process. Therefore, affecting and being affected by the development of the dramaturgy and script. The idea of traces and transference of costume to set was explored. Monczaks' character had the pockets full almost through the whole performance. What is that? What is he hiding? Till the moment he kills/rapes, emptying his chalk/cum on the character I played.