Who am I?


Performed in July 2017 by Bianca Manuel & Internet users

Where: on Instagram, Curitiba and unknown cities all over the world.




Score 1:

Who am I?
• Post login and password on my history

• spread log in and password around the city

• ask: who am I?

• observe the feedback

• search for the utopian communitarian profile
• when someone changes the password, make a decision



Score 2:

Performing algorithms
•  Change Instagram password
• Post on my history log in and password
• Share 'round 2' in photos on timeline • Reply to all photos posted by "me" with a # relating to the properties of the photo
• Like all the possible posts of the # (no description on personal taste) • Analyze flows of likes and types of profiles
• Perceive unfollows
• When someone tries to change the password, make a decision - Reality: when someone change the password, cyber bully you and delete half of the posts, make a decision.