Selling the Best Idea of Self 


3 month Artist in Residence program at TedxYYC. Gabriele Kuzabaviciute & Bianca Manuel ask, do advancements in digital communication affect the ways we live and share experiences? We spoke about how we share ourselves, and our lives, with others around us. We introduced the idea that we are not who we think we are, not who others think we are, but we are who we think others think we are. Our awareness of how we are being perceived by others often overshadows our own ability to interact with the world. We spoke of how our behaviour online, the data trails we create, end up creating our online identity. We called the internet of things the fourth industrial revolution and discussed how this is just the beginning. In closing, we encouraged the audience to change their devices to grey scale as a reminder to limit phone use, and to act as a deterrent to mindless use.