A collective creation between Agnan Siqueira, Andressa  Santos, Bianca Manuel, Caio Monczak, Marcus Camargo and Marcela Mancino during the winter of 2012 in the city Curitiba, Brazil. In this short scene of Tennessee Willians, the group was focusing on the crises of drama through the use of design elements. Lily is a girl that is being repressed by her mom to fit into the role of a woman in the society. Therefore, the choice for 10 pressure-pots on stage. 2 of which were connected to an electric stove producing a sonic environment and a dramaturgical tension between reality and fiction. Will it explode? 3 actors represented the persona of the mom and Lilys' conscience. Their costume reaffirmed the actors' gender, while the make-up gave them a comical aspect. In another hand, Lilys' costume was the representation of societies' expectations on girls becoming women's: white, virginal and at the same time the character appropriation to this imposition: the destruction of the dress with real burning cigarets.